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We are proud to bring our patients to Coney Island Hospital (CIH) for a number of reasons: 

  • The obstetric department at CIH supports the midwifery model of care

  • CIH has received Baby-Friendly designation, and a full-time Lactation consultant is available to meet with you and help with breastfeeding

  • All Labor and Delivery rooms are private, generously sized, and have an en-suite bathroom (some even a lovely view of Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Verrazano Bridge and the waterfront!)  

  • Midwifery patients in labor at CIH can eat, drink, walk about, and be intermittently monitored. These may seem like simple things, but they are critical to normal birth! By allowing this physiologic approach to labor, women can tune in to what their bodies need and ALLOW the powerful birthing energies to flow, while keeping the non-productive stress hormones to a minimum. As your private care providers, we will always be the ones directly managing your labor with you, but the doctors and nurses at CIH also share this philosophy. They, too, have seen not only the good research literature that supports this approach, but have also seen the safety and satisfaction that is possible when we allow normal birth to happen.

  • All Postpartum/Maternity rooms are private, with en-suite bathroom, and cable TV

  • CIH has a Level II NICU, providing vital care for babies born at 32 weeks gestation and beyond

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